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Changelog until Update (added 30 July 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (30 July 2021)
Hotfix is now available!

First Song of Farca hotfix is now available!

List of changes:

- Fixed an issue with objects disappearing from robot's inventory
- Fixed an issue with some internet profiles not being updated after collecting clues
- Fixed an issue of displaying the scrollbar in dialogs
- Fixed an issue with the counter for collecting evidence work in some locations
- Fixed dog sleep animation in some places
- Fixed bug bots and drones getting stuck for some players
- Fixed safes opening without a code
- Other minor fixes

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New patch is now available!

New Song of Farca patch is now available!

List of changes:

- Fixed an issue when some of the choice consequences were not updating correctly on subsequent playthroughs, blocking some players from earning achievements
- Fixed several issues blocking players from progressing through locations
- FPS should now be locked to 60, drastically reducing GPU load
- Other minor fixes

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Changelog for Update (added 24 August 2021)

Galaxy updated (24 August 2021, Windows | 31 August 2021, Mac)
Offline Installer updated (24 August 2021, Windows | 30 August 2021, Linux | 31 August 2021, Mac)
Chinese Localization Update

Hi everyone,

We've just released a long-awaited language update for Song of Farca. The game is now available in simplified Chinese. We've spent a lot of time working on and testing the translation, and we hope our Chinese players like the update!

Thank you for your time and patience! And thank you to everyone who cares about the game and everyone who left reviews – you help us make the game better!
Source: Steam
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Changelog for Update (added 20 December 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (20 December 2021)
New Song of Farca update is now available!

List of changes:

- Added an option to completely reset locations while exploring them
- Added in-game hints for safe puzzles
- Fixed an issue with the “Steam not initialized” screen at startup
- Other minor fixes
Source: Steam
Thanks for the game, it's awesome!!
Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux, Mac] ⇒
Song of Farca bugfix

Hello Farca!

Our team collected enough data to isolate the problem with the "bugbots" getting stuck in certain locations for some players – today's small update resolves this issue. We understand that this fix took longer than expected, apologies for making you wait.

Please make sure you have the latest version of the game installed. If you encounter the problem mentioned above after the update, resetting the location using the yellow “END” icon in the right corner of the screen should help you!
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒
Achievement fix (October 26, 2022)

Hello Farca city!

We got reports that some Windows players had trouble with achievements sync/obtaining, and this update fixes the issue. Keep on achieving!
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒
Yet another bugfix (September 29, 2022)

Hi everyone!

This minor update fixes the rarest cases of "bugbots" getting stuck in certain places — thanks to the information provided by user @rivy under the last bugfix post, we were able to recreate and track down even more bugs ❤️