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Has anyone gotten this work under Vista 64? It won't launch in any compatibility mode.
With compatibility mode off, it starts but then quickly errors out.
Everything I've Googled now leads me to believe that this is a Vista 32 only game.
Yes, I am using the GoG version which is fully patched to Vista compatibility.
I've seen others get the game running in Vista but it seems like only the 32 bit version.
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Ralackk: You are correct this game will not run on Vista 64bit. [..]

Well, this game runs on Vista64. If anyone got problems with that game, please send report to Support Team, providing all information about your computer (like dxdiag) and other that might be helpful.
VrikkGWJ: Please send us a message via the Support section and make sure to include a DXDiag file. We'll see what we can do.
We tested the game and it runs on Vista 64, as far as I understand it works on the OP's PC now as well, plus it works on my personal PC with Vista 64. :)
Pvt_charles542, please contact Support and attach a DXDiag file. We've narrowed the most likely cause to the sound card model and would like to know if you use the same one.
chaingangaf: I'm new to this gog site. I downloaded the WWII game but I cant get it to install I have vista and it just checking file integirty. How do you install a game from this sit or this game what I am doing wrong.
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