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Has anyone gotten this work under Vista 64? It won't launch in any compatibility mode.
With compatibility mode off, it starts but then quickly errors out.
Everything I've Googled now leads me to believe that this is a Vista 32 only game.
Yes, I am using the GoG version which is fully patched to Vista compatibility.
I've seen others get the game running in Vista but it seems like only the 32 bit version.
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Well I run it on Vista 64.. although it won't start unless I set Compatibility mode to Windows 98
i have just got a new laptop, a new very nice toshiba but when ever i try and load the game it wont work has anyone got any ideas of patches that would sort the problem if so could they post them here thanks
First game I've ever bought from GOG that wouldn't work at all. And I'm running 32 bit vista.

Game loads up, get the intro screen, mouse pointer changes and then a black screen. Have to open task manager to kill it or it will just sit there.
[url=][/url]quote[Hello, I'm facing a pronlem, since no one else has this I take it you guys can answer it. My game keeps asking me to reboot. That's all it gives me rebooting!! Please. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated. No I've no Starforce on my computer. Its new. And I'm in a place wher the internet prohibits me from downloading alot things. Again please help. ]quote

I have the exact same problem but i have the cd version not the gog version, i know it seems cheeky to ask in the circumstances but iv'e read forum after forum and no joy please help
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