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I get this error at the splash screen and game wont load. This is on W7 X64. I posted the soldiers.log below.

E:\Games\Soldiers - Heroes of World War II\Soldiers.exe
Soldiers: Heroes Of World War II, ver 1.28.3E [18.06.2014, 00:16]
Total video memory reported: 1717567488
Local video memory detected: 898727936

***************** Exception *****************
Texture or surface size is too big (esurface.cpp, 129)
Do you have SLI or CF enabled? I have SLI and have the same issue. My cousin had another error that was fixed by running in XP SP3 Compatibility mode, but that is not solving the TExt/.Surface size error.

Actually. I was able to fix it by reducing my windows resolution. It was at 2560x1600. Lowered it to 1920x1200 and set it to run in XP SP3 mode and it worked.
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Thanks that worked.