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I play SHOWWII and enjoy it very much. I am wondering if any of you guys had it work using wifi connections using a router (preferably at home) to host and play MP games? I suck at anything network-related but this should be a fruitful struggle!

On a related note - what do you think of BestWay's use of middleware GameSpy Arcade in the subsequent iteration of this great series in managing games, and now that GameSpy is apparently going belly up what are the consequences?

I think its a poor choice to have chosen GameSpy in the first place; leaving fans without a convenient
way to play MP once they pull the plug for multiplayer support.
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HI, I just received this game as a gift...

My friend and I tried to start a game but neither could see the other's game, not even by filtering by I.P. Address.
We were thinking to use HAMACHI to setup a virtual LAN...

Any tips?