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I've not even been playing it an hour and I've noticed that:-

The Churchill MkIV has ZERO hull armour ratings on all sides, they forgot to even enter them. It's turret armour is more akin to the later Mk VII and VIII models as well.
The Matilda II is armed with a 6-pounder. No Matilda's had those, they only had 2-pounders, and MkIs only had MGs!
The Matilda armour is also far too weak..... they got the front about right, but side and rear armour are way of the mark!

The "Mines and Explosives" training mission was NOT finishable. Due to having TWO campfires to light, each requiring a can of fuel each..... the idiot mission designer only supplied ONE!

The American and British sides ARE IDENTICAL..... using the same set of mixed UK and US built vehicles!!!!! How LAZY is that?

Jesus Christ Almighty..... this bug stuffed turkey ancestor of the vastly superior Faces of War and Men of War, well, we are lucky this turd didn't kill those off before they were even born!
Post edited December 09, 2016 by JMayer70
Do you play with the GOG version? I don't remember there were those bugs with my old french released CD, and I could finish the training mission.
Your game seems unpatched or hacked.