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I noticed a few things about guns and items disappearing in-game that I (finally) figured out.
You might have noticed that sometimes, one of your dude's guns will disappear. I figured out
01. You must have space in your inventory for the gun you are carrying when you:
a) Get into a vehicle.
b) Switch guns

If not, your game player will place the gun that will NOT fit into inventory on the ground. This
applies to "crossing" levels (going from one level to another) as well.

So, if you wanted to take a bunch of stuff to the next level in the game AND the gun you are
carrying, make sure there is enough space in inventory for the gun, THEN add the stuff you
want to take into inventory.

Also noticed a bug with deleting saved games:
If you delete some saved games from a completed level, the game might show that you did
NOT complete that level. In addition, the game might delete your inventory that you took from
that level.

Finally, from the levels I've played so far, it doesn't look like you can ever "cross levels" with
a vehicle (you always end up on foot). :0(
Those are valid observations - though it was never enough to let me not enjoy this game.

I don't know if there are mods which address it though, or if Faces of War (its sequel) improved that system?
Hope you get past these perceived flaws and enjoy the game!
You're right, but the problem for me is that i have place in the inventory but my soldier keeps leaving his ppsh on the ground. I was wondering if anyone is having the same problem.

update: although the ppsh was fitting in the inventory, even barely, apparently i had to empty some more space so now it fits.
Post edited January 11, 2015 by foo_jam2002