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I want a female playable character. Either as the default or as a character creation option. Stop making sniper games a man only thing.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 like gameplay for the campaign and a Contracts mode for sandbox gameplay. And no open world for the campaign, only in sandbox mode. Open world does not work in these types of games too well. Youre a sniper, not a traveller.
Sandbox mode should have different biomes. And also different enemies. Not the usual "russian bad guy or "middle eastern bad guy" stuff. Let me snipe some evil US bad guys and EU bad guys too. The campaign could use some of this too.

More sniper rifles. Contracts has a decent selection but its still lacking. Its a good start tho. I dont like that they branched out into giving us assault rifles.

Hide a body function. Dragging the body into bushes, down a cliff, behind or under a house and so on and hiding the path for extra immersion.

Add a decent AI spotter option for sandbox mode and an option to play the campaign with or without one which would change the story slightly.

Thats all i got so far. Lemme hear it people!
I haven’t played Contracts yet. Anyhow, my wish for the next SGW is a additional hardcore-difficulty-level for a game-experience as realistic as possible, especially the scopes and the sniping. Like a military-simulation focused on sniping/shooting.
It would be great to have:
- First-Focal-Plane reticles. In Part 1, 2 and 3 there are only scopes with their reticle on second-focal-plane. In reallife, this only makes sense for Low-power magnification up to 6x. Please add FFP and also some in-game scope-manuals with basic info if it’s a MOA or MIL-scope.
- Guess wind by environement: In reallife a sniper would watch the movement of vegetation, smoke, snow, mirage, water, etc. to guesstimate wind-power and -direction. This may be difficult to simulate in a game, but it would be awesome even in a very simplified way.
- Less convenience-features. Like for most of the hud, there should be even more options to turn off, especially the range- and winddisplay, so the player has to rely totally on watching the environement and work with the reticle for ranging, bulletdrop- and windcompensation.
- More long-range shots up to 1000 meters, like the Highlights in SGW 1 and 2. Also the bullet-drop and wind-offset in SGW3 is really overpowered. In reallife it wouldn’t even be noticable at less than 200m, shooting up to 300m is totally possible with only iron sights.
- Less futuristic stuff like superpower-masks or special-ammo. Instead, let’s have a laser-rangefinder or wind-measurement-device as seperate gadgets, so the player can use only one at a time (not inside the scope). Maybe a Spyglass to identify targets when having no high-power scope. Generally, keep gadgets minimalistic.
- More balanced drone: Equipped only with normal camera, maybe nightvision or thermo-vision as upgrades. No marking-funktions. Drone only transportable by vehicle and only usable from vehicle or homebase.
- Keep money low and prices high, so the player must really plan investments and equipment. Start with a very minimal equipment, make it impossible to have everything.
- Better AI for Enemies to make the players stealth and tactics even more important.
(I know AI is difficult to implement). Once alarmed, enemies should only calm down after a VERY long time. Maybe they could check hiding-places once in a while, adapt guarding positions and patrol routes, have organized teamwork, send out seek-and-destroy-teams to hunt down the player, call supportunits that will arrive after a given time by vehicle (car, boat, helicopter).

Make Singleplayer-shooters great again!