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Any thoughts on how to get the Secrets achievements to unlock on steam after unlocking them on Gog? All other achievements are pretty straightforward, but the secrets seem elusive. I want to avoid using the Steam Achievement Unlocker if possible. For SGW1, I was able to get it to work just by completing any act again, but on 2, that doesn't seem to do the trick (well, I only completed Act 3 so far, which triggered a large smattering of other achievements.)
Ok, so here's what I did that worked. Navigate to your saved game directory (for instance, %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\SniperGhostWarrior2), open Profiles\default\attributes.xml, and delete the line "<Attr name="Secret_51" value="XXXX"/>". Remember the value of XXXX. Change "<Attr name="SecretsCollected" value="52"/>" to 51, save the file, and load up the game. Now start the mission based on the value of XXXX. This number will be a combination of the level (first number or first two numbers) and secret (last two numbers). For instance, 101 is the first secret in level 1. 1304 is the last secret in level 13. Find that secret, and all three secret achievements will pop.

Hopefully this helps someone.