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I just don't trust it. Probably never trusting this developer ever again. is good, not saying anything bad about them. I just wish they were a little bit more careful which developers and companies they trust with their customers though, because I wish I didn't have to be as paranoid as I am with games on this website.

The reason why I say this is that there is no way I could have known that there was going to be EAC before I purchased the game. It was just a fun little surprise the sniper game people snuck inside without even mentioning it on the game page at that time. This really hurts me and feels like betrayal. Don't they know that this is and the people who shop here don't like that kind of stuff? It's like they (the sniper game people) don't even care about us. Those are my honest feelings about this.

It's very frustrating that supposedly EAC installs right when you install the game, and I have no way of knowing that I can ever get it completely back out of my computer ever again if it installs inside just once. So I'm just not ever going to trust it. I know some people explain that there are ways to remove it, but I have no idea how aggressive the program might be, and if deleting it really really means it's actually off of my computer forever or not. I just simply can not know.

Again, I love gog and cdpr.

I do Not love whoever makes this sniper game. waste of money.

edit: wow I'm tired. lots of spelling errors. That's just shocking. Sorry about that.
Post edited January 17, 2020 by fridgeband
I think GOG Team need to look at this game again, I'm sure they stated they plan for multiplayer - which was never delivered - and why it was allowed.