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EDIT: In Contracts, by the way, didn't realize this was a series forum before asking that.

I love having DRM-Free games, but anti-cheat with super creepy EULAs and chunks of encrypted data being mined from you PC and sent back to a remote server without even so much as the ability to audit the content it sends is completely unacceptable.

Honestly, I'd rather see Denuvo in a game than EAC, I hate the creepiness and obfuscation of it that much.
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Okay, found the answer:


Yes, Contracts DOES have EAC, though maybe you'll be safe with the first edition since multiplayer evidently hasn't been implemented yet so maybe the spyware is missing as well.
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Yeah not a fan of that either, It installed without my consent as well, I can understand if they forced us to use it on the Multiplayer part but not on Singleplayer, I uninstalled EAC immediately and tried to find a way to run it without it.

I found out that If you run the game from "yourinstalldirectory/win_x64/" and launch SGWContracts from there you will skip the EAC check.

I then proceeded to delete the entire EAC folder (in that folder there is a setup file you can use to uninstall the service, if you haven't done so already) and the 2 EAC related ,dll files in the win_x64 folder,

Alternatively some say that if you add this target parameter in the Launch_Game.exe, create a desktop shortcut of Launch_Game,right click,properties, and add this to the end of the target line


This didn't work for me it refused to launch with a .dll error

If you use galaxy, you can edit the file in the same directory there as well, open it with notepad or any other text edit tool. (Make sure you don't have Galaxy running at the time, cause it won't detect the edit we are about to do, so close Galaxy, do the edit, the run galaxy and the game to see if it worked.)

Find the line that says

"path": "Launch_Game.exe",

and rename it so it looks like this

"path": "win_x64/SGWContracts.exe",

Its a simple edit to tell Galaxy instead of running it from the launch_game.exe it should use the other one in win_x64

Make sure you only replace!




Don't delete or remove any quotation marks or commas or galaxy won't detect the game anymore and you will have to do a repair, so backup the file before any edits.

Hope this helps!

P/S I checked my computer for any leftovers from the malwa.. I mean "anti-cheat" and found a EAC folder in "yourusername/appdata/roaming" so delete that as well.

appdata is a hidden folder (in explorer go to view and check the box named hidden items)
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Nice, been a while since you didn't get a DLL error when you sabotages EAC, even launching from the actual executable.

Last one I saw where that would work was XenoVerse 2 and, consideinrg that game didn't have EAC until a year after launch, it's the bare minimum you can do to allow it to be manually removed.

Also, for the record, I prefer to replace the EAC files with empty read-only files instead of removing them.

The game can't overwrite them, it will still fail, and any "fixes" for disabling EAC will disable the game rather than run it behind your back.
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Can someone ELI5 what EAC is and why is it bad?
jbotterli: Can someone ELI5 what EAC is and why is it bad?
It's "anti-cheat" software that installs on your PC and operates at an admin or driver level, scans your drive, picks out data it wants, encrypts it, and sends it back to a remote server for the company to sift through without so much as letting you see what it just liffted from your PC.

It works better than most to stop cheaters, but the EULA is insane and there's no protections for you whatsoever if you choose to use it, if a game has it I won't install it for the same reason I returned my high end ASUS router despite being able to refuse the EULA.

Denuvo, for all its problems, at leaqst sticks to its own directory and active processes associated with the executable. EAC wanders, at will, through your system with no restraint or oversight.

I wish online play became a modular thing, where you could download the campaign and then DLC the multiplayer, and things like anti-cheat would be included in the DLC so offline (and LAN for the few games that still allow it) players wouldn't have spyware installed on their system when they will never take a game online.
Thanks everyone for the information. For reference, this is what I see when I simply delete the EAC folder:
eac.png (194 Kb)
kmanitou: Thanks everyone for the information. For reference, this is what I see when I simply delete the EAC folder:
Launch the game from the other folders exe. x64 folder. Delete the EAC folder.
Will the achievements work if I launch the game without EAC with another exe?
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megatherion888: Will the achievements work if I launch the game without EAC with another exe?
I dont know. Gotta try it.
The achievements seemed to register just fine via SCAgent's solution.

Latest patch has removed EAC, though so that's happy news. Launched from default, no EAC running in the task manager, and looks to be wiped from the game's installation folder too.

...of course the final achievement is still bugged. Too bad we can't reset those..but I'd guess if it's the game that's still bugged, the I'd be in for the same disappointment all over again, LOL!