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i know the the german version was censored and didnt have the bullet cam. will i receive a censored game when i purchase it with a german ip?
hopefully someone can help me with this question, before the sale runs out.

thanks in advance.

EDIT: just tried it myself and it is the uncut version. at least when you install it in english, not sure if its still uncut when you choose german.
Post edited June 29, 2015 by dweller1
gog has no ip censorship.
everybody gets the same version.

the only exception is a language censorship that comes with the game, but thats nothing to do with gog.
thats a problem of the game itself.

but it should be uncut, as you have already tested it.
if it is censored in german language, try to copy the english installation exe file of the game into the german language installation.
that should probably fix the problem.

in germany the cd version of the game could get uncut, using a english cracked exe file of the game.

this trick should work here too, if it isnt already uncut.
It´s uncenored in german language! Only the first PS2 version was cenored, later all version was uncensored!