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I played the first level of Sniper Elite twice and finished it but when loading the Reichstag level (it shows 99%) the game crashes with the Windows requester that it crashed and is looking for solutions. I'm using Windows 7 x64, Sniper Elite German version, Intel Q9400 and latest drivers. It also crashes when I restart the game and try to load one of the save games. Does anyone have this too? Setting the compatibility to XP or 98 didn't help.
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You could try ticking the 'Run as Admin' checkbox on the game shorcut.
Thanks, but that's no different. Still crashes when loading the Reichstag level.
Is it just one save that keeps crashing on load or all of them ? If it's just that one it might be a corrupt save.
The Reichstag level is no save game. As for the save games, if I load the last saved game from that level when I die, it's ok. But when I start Sniper Elite and then try to load a saved game, it crashes on every save (shows 99% loading then crashes to desktop). Will probably try to install the English version in the next few days to check if the problem is with the German one only.
Sometimes reisntalling does solve alot of issues, i hope that works for you.

After reinstalling, tick the run as admin box on the shortcut before you start playing (making saves) to rule out permissions issues in case you happen to have the same problem.
Using my powers to raise a dead thread from the grave, I come to this forum seeking support.

I am having the exact same issue as karsten_76 is having. Crashing at 99 percent while loading.
Does anyone have a solution, a patch perhaps? I'm using the English version of the game. Windows 7 64 bit,
Intel Q8400, GTS 250, 4GB RAM


-Running as admin
-Reinstalling as admin
-Disabling UAC
-Compatibility mode

No dice so far. The only positive thing for me is the option of a refund.

EDIT: I've already contacted support and waiting for a response.
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