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Hi all,

We've updated to Windows and Mac installers for Smugglers V and Smugglers V: Invasion. Please download the installer of your choice ASAP in order to get the latest and greatest versions of the games :)

Changelog for version 1.5:

- New feature: In a spaceport bar you can now meet a fellow who sells you an amnesia drug for 3 million credits. If you accept, you can redistribute all your skill points as you see fit.
- Balance change: The chance of successfully using a special skill during a special combat event has been rebalanced. For most skills it has been increased.
- Balance change: Chance of asteroid and mine fields doing damage has been decreased.
- Balance change: Effect of energy flux has been doubled. It now quadruplicates (!) the damage bonus from energy cage I or II.
- Balance change: During the special combat event "Ambush" the chance to use the confusion of the attack to escape has been reduced.
- Program change (Invasion only): The pirate hideout in the Ssenguan system has been moved slightly upwards.
- Bug fixed: The occurance of the special in-game message from V. 1.4c has been corrected.
- Bug fixed: The cheat menu now always stays on top of all other windows
- Bug fixed: There was a typo in the Black Widow fighter description
- Bug fixed: Some people reported that from time to time an error message about a "modal window" would appear and crash the game. Until now we´ve been unable to reproduce this bug here. We´ve taken some measures to reduce the appearance during combat, because one of the users reported it happened more frequently when trying to access a disabled skill. Until there are further reports (or the missing of further reports) we cannot certify though whether this bug has been fixed. There are also two temporary ways to continue playing when the bug occurs. If the game appears to be frozen, either press CTRL + ESC (Windows 7) or CTRL + ALT + DEL (Windows 8 - Task manager) and access your desktop. When you see
the Smugglers 5 icon at the bottom of the screen, simply click on it. This should re-focus the game window and lift the freeze. Afterwards write us at and tell us as much of what happened and what you have done before it happened as possible.
- Bug fixed: At one of the bar encounters you could meet a human trader and a human barkeeper in a Jalkath owned system.
- Bug fixed: If a background story event in the story DLC was triggered by landing at a planet, it could happen that the event was triggered twice.
- Bug fixed (Secession only): The Syndicate pirate profession has been excluded from the tutorial, because their Orca ship does not have guns and is only meant for experienced players.
- Bug fixed (Invasion + Story DLC only): As a Jalkath you could start the background storyline "Solomons treasure".

Thanks and have a nice day :)
xenxander: What about the DLC "Smuggler's Guild"?

Will that still work with the base game being updated?
Yes, it will and if it doesn't work for you please write a Support ticket :)