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I'm playing the Invasion DLC as a Jalkath Fleet Commander, got to the top rank of Grand Warlord, got to a point in the storyline where I am informed I can start my own empire, and begin to conquer the galaxy for myself.

Except I've not got one system to even start with, and can see nothing, nothing at all in the game that will get me one.

My popularity rating shot up to 80% (from 40) in the relevent system, which I cannot for the hell of me remember the name of, but it is the one with order of monks that are supposed to have the "golden claw".

Earlier in the game a message told me I was given the planet Tortogua, again when I went there, nothing at all different about it..... no new options, and definately no sign that I own the damn system..... and no, this is system has not become my first empire system, no it is still firmly in Jalkath hands with frequent attempts by the Federation to invade it.

Anyway, no empire, no more progress, game over.....

Anyone know what I have to do?
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Hmm. Manual says this:

You can access the system management by visiting the governor of a system.
The button “system management” replaces the “bribe” button.

Since version 1.1. you can access the fleet command of a system from any place in
the galaxy by clicking on “fleet command” on the system management screen. The
system management screen of any system can be opened on the galaxy map by first
selecting the relevant system and then clicking on “managing”.
So I'm led to believe you can access the system management window for Tortuga either by visiting the governor of that system or by using the "Managing" button on the galaxy map.

You can manage fleets by clicking on "Fleet Command" in the system management window. Alternatively, you can visit a system being invaded or defended by a fleet and quite possibly access fleet functions there.
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