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Yeah, I bought the game out of excitement and now I can't play it due to it only supporting Windows 10. I'm still in 7.
Anyone know a work-around for this?
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Yes, I'd like to know too. Is there no way to bypass this bizarre OS-check? There has been no explanation from the developers as to why they decided to make their game Win 10-only. "We had no other choice" is basically all they are answering again and again. And they recommend to upgrade to Windows 10. Are here any Unity-wizards around to help out? I've never encountered a Unity-game with such a restriction.
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Same here, on win 7 and the game launch and stop quickly after the message speaking of win 10.
I think, the only solution there is to give the game back. Gog should refund the price at this point. Its the only solution for devs, which do not realize, that still 75% of the users do NOT have win 10.

Regardless: i have win 10. You can get it for 5€ on several sites. Google: "win 10 buy". But i still do understand people, which do not want it. Its unnessassary and shitty. And just because of some game to change it?
Unfortunately, we didn’t have any way to get the game to run on anything earlier than Windows 10. (The exact reason is long and complicated and technical.)

We did not decide to make it Windows 10, it is a technical limitation that we wish didn’t exist.

That's very bizarre? Is it related to the directX version perhaps (and maybe you the devs have a way to address that)?

A shame as King of Dragon Pass is one of my all time favourite games (and i had a small hand in seeing it turn up on GOG after some emails with the dev back in the day) and i was looking forward to this new game based on i guess the Praxis tribes (i'm also an old Runequest pen and paper rpg player).

Please do everything you can to avoid the Windows 10 limitation, a game like this should not need the graphical top end (direct X version) that could result in it being Windows 10 bound. There are still a huge number of Windows 7 and 8 gamers that being fans of the original would love to jump at the chance to play this, and many of us are sticking with the older MS OS as a preference for gaming.
They can't do it because... well, they can't. It's as simple as that, every more in-depth explanation would overexert the narrow limitations of our plebeian brains ("long and complicated and technical"). Well then, I'll find another way to spend my money.
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Lost another sale because of this bizarre restriction--I don't have and won't be getting Windows 10.

"Long and complicated and technical restriction" just doesn't cut it--there are plenty of very smart people on here that would probably understand it just fine.

I'm sure it's well beyond my capabilities as a network engineer, C programmer, and embedded systems developer, though.