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Hi is there a way how to download offline installer for v1.85 or v1.86? New version is unplayable for me and unfortunately I found that my HDD with backups of installers for previous versions failed and I cant retrive them now :/

Or can somebody provide me atleast with patches from v 1.83 to 1.85 and 1.86 ???

I play SoSE only with Star Trek Armada 3 and SoSE v1.90 suffer of randome 1s freezes and all input methods lags mostly for several seconds for me = totally unplayable
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Are the performance problems only when you enable this mod or do they occur even if you use only the base game?

GOG has a bad habit of delisting older installers. As far as I know, there is no way through the website to get the old installers. For some games, some users have had success contacting support and explaining the need for an older version, but this is not guaranteed to get anywhere.
Yeah I already contacted the support, unfortunately they did not provided me with old offline installer in this case. Instead they just pointed me to the galaxy client :/ In the galaxy I can turn off autoupdate and rollback to any previous version I want to... while its not an ideal solution its working one... so more or less I am satisfied. Thanks for help.

Also for the terrible input lag in v1.90 there is a working workaround discussed here:
thanks to this workaround is v1.90 playable, but in my case is the overall performance still better with v1.86
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