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I recently bought Singularity and immedtialy encountered a major texture streaming issue. Soon I researched on Google and saw that this is a known issue in version 1.0 and that it only appears when the language is not set to English (in my case German). To be clear:

Language set to English: everything is fine.
Language set to German, French, Spanish etc.: the texture streaming is broken for me.

Activision/Raven Software released patch version 1.1 back in the day that fixed the problem. Here is the changelog

-Texture streaming: some players have experienced a streaming bug that occurred on higher resolutions after playing for extended periods. This has been fixed.
-Networking connectivity: a few players have experienced a matchmaking bug when searching for a game where they would become stuck on the "Finding Best Match" screen. This has been fixed."

In my case I play in 1440p and the issue appear right at the beginning and not after playing for extended periods. Patch 1.1 is compatible with the GOG version BUT it brings back a cd check DRM so I have to download a no cd crack. Only with the cracked exe I can finally play Singularity in German without issues.

So please, GOG, is it possible that you update your installation files to a DRM free version 1.1 without the need for a no cd crack?
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I support this!
It's the same problem on steam btw.
Any news about this issue?
I don't have the GOG version but If this is still true and they never bring the patch into gog, I found we can play the game at a rez below 1080p and the low res textures bug will be solved.
Is not the best solution but is the only one that we have, besides installing the now hard to find 1.1 patch on the GOG version and have to use a pirated exe that I try to avoid.
Btw for those on AMD GPU's you can even use the driver based FSR 1.0 upscaler to at lest try to bring the image quality near 1080p or whatever you monitor native res is again... even thou this game has no need for FSR for performance reasons.
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