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I have this problem where everywhere I go to the menu after starting a new game, it just freezes the game. It happens 100% of the time, and I've tried rebooting, reinstalling, verifying install. None of that worked. I'm running win 10, 64 bit home if that matters. The game just flat out stops responding. There's no mouse cursor, no sound, no nothing. The game also doesn't show up in the task bar.

Anyone else run into this, and know how to fix it?
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I found the problem on my own. In case anyone in the future has the same problem, I was only able to solve it by going to the website, and download the offline installer through my library there. Once I installed that, and made sure gog galaxy didn't run, everything was fine.

It's not an overlay thing either, because I tried disabling the overlay, as per support's suggestion. Anyway, good luck, I hope I helped someone in the future.