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If you install the Simon the Sorcerer legacy version (the one that was on sale before the remake), whenever you load the game you can access the ScummVM menu via Ctrl + F5 to select which version to launch:
-CD version (voice acting but no subtitles)
-Floppy version (subtitles but no voices)

I believe at some point the installer created two different icons in your desktop, one for each version, but that no longer seems to be the case. Now you need to select the game via the ScummVM launcher.

By default, the game loads the CD version when it is executed (no matter which one you selected last). For my first time playing the game in years I wanted to have subtitles. I've been looking for a way to make the game load the floppy version directly so I didn't have to load it manually every time. Maybe it's very obvious, but I haven't seen it in the forum so I thought I'd share.

It's just a matter of changing the route of the direct access icon that is created in your desktop (or any folder) from:

"D:\GOG Games\Simon the Sorcerer\scummvm\scummvm.exe" -c "..\simon1.ini" simon1-cd-win


"D:\GOG Games\Simon the Sorcerer\scummvm\scummvm.exe" -c "..\simon1.ini" simon1

(D:\GOG Games is the folder where I have installed the game. Just choose yours as appropriate).

The game is launched with the executable scummvm.exe in the scummvm folder. The next part chooses the variant of the game that is loaded. "simon1-cd-win" is CD version, "simon1" is the floppy version.

Note that ScummVM will consider these two versions as different games, so the savegames that you save in one version won't be available for the other version. Maybe they can be used if the files are copied in another folder, but I would need to test it.

Can't wait to play the game! :)
I have realized that there are two separate access icons in Windows 10 start menu, one for CD and another for floppy. Just not on the desktop or on the installation folder. So another way to have a direct access in your desktop would be to click, hold and drag the icon to the desktop. The icon wouldn't be as nice, though.