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This seems to be a new problem, since my SimCity 3000 Unlimited was working before. But now, whether I try to launch from the Play button in Galaxy, or from the desktop icon, the cursor spins for a few seconds and then nothing. No error message, no prompt for permissions, nothing.

Searched the forum, and the most relevant post I found recommended making a change to the refresh rate, and a change in the NVidia control panel. But, even though I do have an NVidia GPU (GTX 1060), I can't find the setting mentioned.

I'm running Win 10, Galaxy and SimCity are up-to-date, and I've tried Verify and Repair. The last time I successfully played was on Christmas day. I don't believe I've installed anything new other than Windows updates and another game or two.
Did you try the actual executable in /install directory/Apps/SC3U.exe?
having the same issue lately,tried moved the game to other hard drive didn't work for me...was able to play this game normally on this PC last year,guess windows updates messed it up :/

ah well...looks like i'll have to use vm again
Has anyone figured out a fix for this?

I'm trying to run the game on Windows 10. SC3000 stopped launching a few weeks ago, probably because of a Windows Update. I've tried all the different compatibility settings that've been mentioned here, along with moving the game to a different drive/directory and running the executable directly, but nothing does the trick.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!
Hi there,

I've just recently bought the game and was quite disappointed to immediately experience this problem with the "SC3U.exe no longer working" on Win7 64bit.

It seems to be a combined problem of resolution and color depth. Select 16bit color depth in your video settings in windows and a resolution of e. g. 1280x1024. Then open the command prompt of windows (cmd.exe), enter the games subfolder "apps", which, as Darvond wrote two years ago already, contains the games excecutable file "sc3u.exe".

Enter the following command to open the game:

sc3u -r1280x1024

You might want to set the windows taskbar to hide in the taskbar settings (rightclick on the taskbar -> taskbar settings) beforehand though, for me it was blocking the lower part of the Sim City interface at least.

This worked for me. There is no real broadscreen support, but the game is perfectly playable this way imo.

Greetings from Germany and best of luck getting this to work!
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