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Hey all,

My neighbour deals keeps disappearing. They're not cancelled, they simply disappears, without the penalty or any trace whatsoever.

When I accept a deal, it will remain until the end of month. However, once the next month starts, it's gone.

I checked it and it's not an issue of not meeting the deal requirements. However, the issue does seem to come up since I messed up a deal with the neighbour. The deals that are continuous do just fine.

Anyone experiencing this issue or any tips for workarounds for this bug?
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I had the same issue before, the problem turned out to be the neighbour connections. In my case it was a power connection that I think it was running over a road at the edge of the map. Once I changed it to have a power pole at the edge instead, it worked better.
Thanks for the tip. It didn't help in my case. It seems this is a highly sophisticated bug. :D

At least it's a verified issue.
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