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Lots of people that buy the game complain about how the game runs too fast on modern systems and how map scrolling with the mouse is almost impossible due to that.
I've made a guide while back on how to get the game running using DxWnd.
DxWnd has a built-in framerate limiter that will mostly fix the main problem. And if you want you can follow the extra steps to make the UI/fonts look bigger on the screen.

If this thread was on top, I feel like there wouldn't be so many people asking the same questions over and over?

(screenshots included)

Any other framerate-limiter like DxTory will work too, but that one doesn't have the feature to scale up (zoom) the window to make the interface look bigger.

I also feel like the HD Resolution Guide from the other guy should be pinned on top as well.
Spamming it into a dozen or so threads will not help your cause.