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Here is a tutorial to change the language of the game.
Additionally to the gog version, you also need a copy of the game in the desired language.

1.) Install the gog version of the game.
2.) From the first disc copy the content of the folder "Silver" to "...\Silver\data\". Overwrite everything.
3.) Repeat step 2 with the second disc.
4.) Copy the files "disk.1", "disk.2" and "language" from "...\Silver\data\" to "...\Silver\"

The game should be in your language now.

I couldn't test the whole game. It seamed to work fine, but the procedure could overwrite patched files, which would cause bugs later on.
Thanks man! I'll stick to the english version for now, but I might replace the language files with the german version from my disk for an other playthrough. I'd even say the german syncro is better than the english, which occures very rarely ^^
Kind of... risky.
Azrael360: Kind of... risky.
I doubt the method will break anything. I just put the warning there as a precaution.

I was also thinking that they might have fixed the "bell bug" by modifying the area data( there was an inofficial patch that did just that), but apparently it wasn't fixed at all.
Hi everyone,

I have tried the M-u-ddy tip with the french files and it works perfectly right now. So I have uploaded the required files to translate the game into french here:
Hope that will help some people who wanted to have the french version but didn't have the original CD.
can someone please upload the german files aswell?
duumb: can someone please upload the german files aswell?
i would really appreciate if anyone could upload the german files!
silver is the first game, where the german speech-actors sound a lot better :(
I could need the german files too!
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I uploaded all german files -- you need specify the path to Silver's dir and override all files. That's it. ;-)


Also Archiv laden, ausführen, Pfad ins Silver-Verzeichnis angeben und alle Dateien überschreiben. Das war's ;-)
Hello. Someone has the files for Spanish translation?

Thanks in advanced!
I got a torrent with the spanish files. Voice and text :D

Download the file attached and change .jpg to .torrent and download :)

Enjoy it!
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the german pack doesnt work ! has anyone another idea ?
Dancor90: the german pack doesnt work ! has anyone another idea ?
Then you are doing it wrong. Search for your Folder and then click on SILVER. Works for me.
¿Nadie puede hacer un paquete de la traducción en Español como la que están en los demás idiomas y subirlo a Mega o alguna otra? // Nobody can make a bundle of the Spanish translation as they are in other languages ​​and upload it to Mega or some other?
this workaround seems to work fine with italian version too! :-)
So... Some bug with non-patched files?
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