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At first, sorry for my bad English.
On Windows 7, Silver freezes when I click on the start option on the game's main menu. Actually, it shows a black screen with the spinning logo at the upper right corner, but that's all. No intro, no game, no thing. All I can to do is to kill the silver app in the task manager after ctrl+alt+del.
But now comes the weird fact: when I choose to boot in Linux Mint 13, after installing the game using Playonlinux, the game surprisingly ran!! And not only Silver: I am using Playonlinux to play Tomb Raider 2, because on Windows 7 I can't see the pre-rendered cutscenes (although I can hear them). So, at least two games that was supposed to run on Windows 7 only run on Linux Mint 13... Weird thing, no?
By the way, I have Windows 7 and Linux Mint 13 (both on 64 bits versions) on an Acer Aspire 5750 laptop (with Core i3 Sandy Bridge processor). If someone else have the same notebook, please give a feedback...
After the advent of Ubuntu and the ubuntu-based distros (Mint included), I only maintained Windows 7 for gaming; but now, with Playonlinux (that plays even Diablo III on Mint!), I see that there is no room for M$ Windows on my life anymore... ;-)
(To my wife: No, Alessandra, I will not uninstall Windows; it will be there for you until the day I can teach you that basic commands that I use to type on that "never-friendly linux command prompt"... ;-)
Most likely, what you describe is a codec problem, that is making the startup video on Silver to not play. You can find the solution to this problem in this thread:

Anyway, glad to know it works on Linux :D