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As a non-native english speaker, I would REALLY appreciate being able to select the options text + speech under the "preferences" menu. If someone discover how to do this (it was possible back in the days of the original french release ...) I would REALLY appreciate.
Thanks in advance, GoG community !

EDIT : My bad, just saw the original french manual, there was no option for using both... Feel free to delete this post and good game to all !
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As I remember there were two english versions of Silver, the UK-version were you could chose either text or speech and the US-version, which allowed both text and speech at the same time (and was somewhat better than the UK-versions in some other aspects too). Sadly this probably means the GOG-version is based on the UK-version
is there anyway to do this? by editing some file, or something?

i really need the voices AND text to be on at the same time.
oh that sucks

I have the other version of Silver here, but never finished it due to a bug or crash on winxp

any files I could copy over to get both text+speech in the gog version?
Mad-E-Fact: oh that sucks

I have the other version of Silver here, but never finished it due to a bug or crash on winxp

any files I could copy over to get both text+speech in the gog version?
Both text and speech, I don't know, but can copy the contents of the localized "Silver" folder in your 2 CD's to the "data" folders in your install, works fine on my end (french version), but, as ever, no guarantee™
tried it for the usa version. both copying the usa version in the gog installation and copying the gog version in the silver installation. it gives a black screen saying something about a language problem. which can be right if its different versions.
I own the original UK version of this game and i remember reading that you could switch voices in the US version, so about 6 years ago (maybe more maybe less) i looked into it and the UK version does have the ability to switch between speech/text only to having both enabled, But there was 1 problem i encountered which was that every time i tried to go into the options to change something the game crashes :(, i found this happens because a option that the EXE has no text for is enabled and the game crashes because it can't tell what has happened, so when i did this i had to set all my options up before hand, then made sure i never had to go into options again otherwise it would crash.
i don't own the GOG version of this game but if it is based on the UK version the same principles should apply, if anyone with the GOG version want's my help to see if it will work on the GOG version i can go into how i did this (it wasn't hard from what i remember but it may take a few minutes or hours since it has been a long time since i did it).
Yes, could you please tell us how to do it?
OK first since i am using a different version of the game (probably, i don't know how different or similar GOG's version is) there are a few steps to this,
First step is finding out where the options are for changing text and speech in the EXE, so you will need a disassembler and you will need to ALT+TAB out and find
mov [ecx],eax
mov edx,[ebp-14]
shl edx,03
then NOP the first line in assembly, then try changing the options and the game should be stuck on TEXT only (this is basically to check we are working with the correct value, if text doesn't get stuck turned ON then we are in the wrong place and search again)
Second step is to restart the game then ALT+TAB out and this time put a break point on the first line in the assembly then go back into the game and change the text and speech value and the game should crash (it hasn't crashed its only paused and can be resumed from the disassembler), ALT+TAB out to the disassembler and check out the break point values and you should be able to see from there where the option comes from, that address is what we need, so work through the break point address's until you find the correct one (just POKE each address with a 1 or a 2 depending if you are on speech or text it should switch to the other one in-game).
After finding the correct address all you have to do is make a program to set it to that or reset it to the original value when need be (just so you can access the options again should you need to, but if you will never need to access the menu again then i suppose you could leave this part out).
anyway i hope that helps, if this is too complicated i may be able to come up with something else that isn't as hard but to do so i will need someone with the game EXE to send me the game EXE header (a screenshot of the start of the EXE in a decent hex editor would do) and then i will need them to find a couple of address for that version of the game.
i could just send the exe to you , and you upload a fixed exe somewhere for everyone to download?
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Sure i can do that for you if you want.
kranmer: Sure i can do that for you if you want.
pmed you. hope it works and gog can implement it.
Ok here is a first version, this should work but i am having trouble running the game from the GOG exe (probably due to some being different) but all the values should be correct so please let me know how you get on with it. PLEASE REMEMBER THERE IS A BUG you will not be able to access the preferences part of the menu once you use this EXE so set up all your settings BEFORE you use this. Also if you use Vista or Win7 you may need to run this as Admin (i mean right click and click Run As Administrator) to make it work.
I can probably fix this bug by making a OFF switch but i have yet to implement this.
and please if you use this let me know how you get on, i really do need the feedback since i can't test this myself,
and special thanks lugum for the EXE
Also copy all the files to your games folder (all files apart from the readme are needed for this to work correctly)
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it worked fine on the gog version with windows 7 64bit without the need to run as administrator. i can now see the text and hear speech at the same time.

the preference bug is however unfortunate and hope you can get that fixed.
great news :) always nice to hear when something is working how it should. i will start early tomorrow morning on the preferences problem (its 11.21pm here), i think making a ON and OFF switch will probably work best (although i will need to try this first because it may not work better), I will probably make it a hotkey so people can just press 2 buttons (1 for ON and 1 for OFF) on their keyboard to turn the function on and off, which SHOULD allow people to go into the preferences without crashing as long as they switch it to off before going into preferences. Any other thoughts or feedback on this is welcome (since over 8 people have downloaded this so far i was hoping for more feedback)