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Hey all,

There's an awesome project called Xidi (h t t p s: / / that is a powerful yet easy to use XInput to DInput layer. This works great with SH4 and any registered XInput pads in Windows. All buttons, triggers, analog sticks and force feedback works! Additionally, this also works in Linux via WINE/Proton.

To use it, install MS VC 2022 redist (h t t p s: / / and then download Xidi 4.0.3 (or higher) from h t t p s: / / In the Win32 folder, extract dinput8.dll into the root SH4 folder (this will replace GOG's implementation of the dinput8.dll). For Linux gamers, one additional step is required: open the Wine Configuration window for the specific prefix you're using, go to the 'Libraries' tab and add 'dinput8' and 'd3d8' as native, builtin.

Lastly, in the root SH4 folder, create a file named Xidi.ini and paste the following in the file:

Type = SH4

Template = StandardGamepad
StickRightX = Axis(RotX)
StickRightY = Axis(RotY)

Save and run SH4Config.exe to map the controls or do so ingame. Enjoy!
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This work perfect!!!! but i a have a problem with the items because when i move with the left analog the item cells move too
Does Xidi work with Windows 7?

--- Update ---
1. Ensure the system is running Windows 10 or 11. Xidi is built to target Windows 10 or 11 and may not run correctly on older versions of Windows.
So, it's useless.
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