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This is more like an interactive movie than an adventure game. There is no inventory and the game tells you what to use where. There are ridiculous balancing and dot-to-dot games. Aaaaagh! The cutscenes, although beautiful, are slow and it's quite short.
Deadalic have been producing some of the best adventure games around for a number of years now. This is NOT their finest hour!
I consider the game an adventure for the player. It's a point and click that uses puzzles, like most other point and click games. Has a great story, like Daedalic always has, memorable characters, soundtrack, and a story I'd like to revisit later on the same way I may rewatch a movie. At the end of the day, most of these games boil down to a story, how it's presented, and what modality will be used as time sinks, like puzzles.

I would in no way consider this an interactive movie. To say that would be purposefully dismissive of all the puzzles throughout the game. Something like Little Misfortune I would consider an interactive movie somewhat, where you make decisions, but ultimately you're there for the story, are you not? Most of these are linear and you can't deviate from the story anyways.

I'm only putting this here so passerby's don't see your post and decide not to get it because "interactive movie", which is false.