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Hi guys,

We have uploaded a brand new patch for Signal Ops that will bring your game version up to r5159.

Here's a change log for everyone:

- Reduced difficulty of training mission.
- Improved lighting in some areas of the agency.
- Fixed various graphical oddities in levels and character models.
- Added an extra hint for the water pipe puzzle.
- More pages added to the manual.
- Fresh snow has fallen in mission 3.
- Added north and south indicators on the HUD compass strip.
- Added difficulty modes which affect how the radio functions. The current mode is named "Hard". In "Normal" mode, the Bolt agent places range extenders to permanently expand the signal area as he advances through the level. "Easy" mode provides radio signal across the entire map, and the powerfinder device is used as a radar to detect enemies.
- Fixed crash which could occur when scrolling the save game menu if the number of saves was a multiple of 10.
- Dancing civilians may be more surprised by intruders.
- Fixed bug which caused gamepad look speed to be affected by the frame rate.
- Fixed bug which could prevent agents being able to retreat in the parade mission.
- No secret monkey feature was added.
- Fixed incorrect dialog playing in certain scenarios in tutorial mission.
- Additional instructor tips added to training mission.
- The powerfinder is quieter when on the ground.
- Gamma correction added in the "Settings" menu in-game.

The updated manual is in the latest patch and will be updated after the install.

Thanks and have fun! :D

Uhm, why does every new 2.x installer patch always say "this update requires at least 10MB of disk space to install?"? Isn't it different depending on the size of the patch?

I also received a bunch of errors saying a bunch of files have incorrect version. Here's the patch log.

Nevermind, I reinstalled the game, applied the patch and now it works.
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JudasIscariot: Hi guys,

We have uploaded a brand new patch for Signal Ops that will bring your game version up to r5159.
One thing we forgot to mention in the patch notes:
By request, there was an option added in the Controls menu to disable use of gamepads/joysticks that are connected to the computer.
Thank you! Useful options gamma and disable joysticks. Also good choice to ease up on the content locusts with the easy modes (Although they will never have the real thrill ;)
Patch is good, thank you. Keep up the good work.