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Hey guys.. if any of you are or used to be members of the various old Civ forum communities (eg CivFinatics) and you tried Drift's Master of Magic inspired Master of Myrror II & Master of Arcanus final beta mods for Civilization 3 and you think you may still have the files somewhere on some old hard drive PLEASE LET ME KNOW as these great old MoM related mods may be lost forever! :(

(Note: Drift's original Master of Myrror I mod has been safely backed up, it's just the sequels missing)

My attempts to rescue the mods in Drift's original Master of Myrror II & Master of Arcanus final betas thread is here:

Old screenshot of Drift's Master of Myrror attached:
mom.jpg (94 Kb)
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WE'VE GOT THEM!!! Drift's Master of Myrror II sequel & Master of Arcanus final betas have been saved!!! :) Massive thank you to PaGe at the German forums! He just might have been the last person on the planet with these files lol!

Not anymore though as I've repacked the files in 7zip, added new documentation, and used the large file upload access the admins at CivFinatics kindly gave me last year to upload them & I've also stuck a copy of them over at ModDB too! Hopefully we never have to worry about them disappearing again!

Full details and download links etc posted here: