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The store page lists only single-player.

I'd like to ask those who bought the GoG version whether multiplayer is available.

I have this on Steam, but Direct IP was removed when GameSpy servers were replaced with Steam's.
So while the Steam version has some remaining multiplayer functionality, they depend on Steam servers, and I doubt the GoG version would have access to those.
So please, answers if you have info specifically about the GoG version :)

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I didn't try myself so I can only tell you which multiplayer modes are listed in the main menu:

LAN games
internet games (needing an gamespy account)
direct ip connection
hot seat
playing through e-mail

Especially for the internet games mode I don't know if it's working, if it's true that gamespy servers are down.
But for any other multiplayer mode I'm not aware of a reasonable reason why it shouldn't work anymore.

But as I said, I didn't try, I just read the menu.
LAN and DirectIP should work, Internet games - nope.
Thanks to you both.
Direct IP is what I was hoping for. Just playing with friends.

I guess I can see why multi-player isn't listed on the store page.
May I suggest making a note that LAN/DirectIP are available in the product description?
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Civ IV includes quite a few multiplayer types but the general internet MP rooms are not as active (it used to be crazy active though). Gamespy rooms shutdown a couple of years ago, but Steam provides general MP rooms now for internet games. Not sure how that works with non-Steam versions though or how active it is now.

However, MP communities do exist still for IV and are quite active. Check out "" for one, and the MP forum over at ""

Ptiboss and Play by Email are probably the most used MP versions now and you can connect with folks on those sites to start or join games, even replace folks from existing games. A Civ IV Pitboss game can last a year or two ..ha.

Of course, if you have friends that play, you can start games with them via that method or the simple Hotseat version or via the LAN Games or Direct IP options.

So yeah, there are many ways to play Civ IV multiplayer.

If you are interested in learning more about the game and gaining skills, I recommend visiting "", a vibrant and popular civilization community. CFC offers some interesting ways to play single-player as well, while comparing results and discussing with others. Also, CFC offers a huge modding community.

I highly recommend the BUG/BULL mod, Blue Marble, and/or the BAT mod for graphical/ui enhancements. These mods work in MP as well, as long as everyone is using the same mods.

Again, note that the Gamespy internet servers were shutdown. However, Steam does provide standard internet MP games for Civ IV.
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