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The message from the subject line pops up very quickly while Civ IV (not one of the expansions) launches. I've installed twice and it's still the same. I haven't tried the expansions because I'm still working my way through the base game first.

Any fix for this?
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First question: How'd you manage that? I'm running the game via Wine of all things and all three editions work just fine. Movies, mods, and all. Even Colonization works too!

Second question: Why are you running the base game? This isn't some linear progression game, the base Civ IV is literally a lesser version; while Beyond the Sword includes all the content of it and previous editions.

Third Question: How are you running/launching it?
I'm running it via the Start Menu shortcut created during install that points to Civilization IV Complete\Civ4\Civilization4.exe. The exe is version with a modification date of 15/07/2007 21:16.