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Hey guys just wondering if there was any community left for the multiplayer of this game.
Well i could try it, but i never played this game online, and i have installed version of this game with SMACX - i dont now if 'base game' is unaffected.
Try this:

Fairly active SMAX community.

I'd be up for a multi-player game, but there are a few game rules I'm still trying to iron out, specifically the effects of resource intake on ECONOMY, LABS and PSI. I'm also unclear about the role of talents, specialists, and other aspects of population management. Everything else is falling into place though.

I'd have to say this is one of the most engrossing games I've ever played.
I finally got AC this week. I am already addicted to the gameplay.

I would love to try out some co-op multiplayer! I sux at PvP gaming so I cannot provide a challenge to other players!
I belive that the most active community right now is on: , you will probably find players there...
OK, thanks for the info.
message, I am trying to set up a SMAC multiplayer community
Hey, guys, anybody know how to set up a multiplayer game so that me and my friend can play? we tried setting up a game via our local internet connection and once we end our turn the game does nothing can not advance passed year one. How do I get the computer to resolve its turn?