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I found what I think it is a very rare artifact called "Old datacore array" (I bought it), usually I don't bother with artifacts but this one caught my attention because it gives +1 accuracy (and 1 HP) with no power requeriment. The item says "Can be used to calculate targeting vectors, increasing accuracy of all ship weapons".

So I tried it on several fights, checking the accuracy of my weapons when the artifact was "online" and off and I could not see the +1 on the weapons, I also could not see a difference when using the "aiming trapezoid" it always had the same size.

I am pretty sure the item is not working at all, but it is the first time I use it so perhaps I had to do something to getting working.
This question / problem has been solved by AegerHantimage
I am not sure if it was fixed or if I did not check it correctly, but at the moment you can see the extra accuracy on the ship "details" screen (F3). Sadly is not nearly as effective as I expected, the artifact does not give +1 weapon accuracy it gives +1% ship accuracy.
The artifacts are universally underpowered. Some are good to scrap, though.