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It's the first available ship in the game, and it's a cramped, useless piece of junk. Or is it?!?
The Tigerfish has 2 Nuke Slots (not 3, that's a lie!), 4 Weapon Slots and 15 other Slots, making it tied with the Nuke Runner as the smallest ship. But 8 of these starting slots are Hybrid Slots, which can hold point defence guns and are easy to upgrade to weapon slots. That's very good!
The Starting Accuracy is 24%. (Good) The Deflection is 60%. (Medium) The Evasion is 24%. (Very good, only the Nuke Runner is better).
The starting loadout of the Tigerfish has three good lasers, one missile launcher which gobbles ammo, two point defence cannons, a 3-person cryosleep unit and two power sources, one of which is pretty weak. It has a two-person bridge.
The crew consists of 3 useful gunnery drones, 4 officers and 1 pet.

The Starting Ship-Specific Perks:
Exotic Raygun I (12): Not worth it. It hits hard, but it deflects (!) and eats exotics, which you need for upgrades.
Improvised Nuclear Missile (2): Costs a bunch of resources. Get the Tigerclaw perk nuke first before this.
Industrial Lasers Upgrade (6): Always get this! The upgraded lasers are very effective weapons.
MK I Sensor Replacement (3): Nice to get but not vital.
Reactor Replacement (3): You want this if you got the laser upgrade. Always get the laser upgrade.
Shield Generator Replacement (2): It's worth it to soak up the odd hit here and there and it's a cheap buy.
The Spider Tiger Drone (8): A little pricey both in credits and fate points. Reasonably useful repair droid.
Synthetics Cooker 9000 (1): Converts organics to synthetics. Okay if you have a pile of droids and few crew. You can also just scrap it immediately for some supplies, so it's worth the cost.
Tigerpaw Nuke (2): Cheap and good spare nuke.

Some tips for the Tigerfish:
-Because of space constraints it is hard to get a good shield going, because the amount of space for power generation and shield generators is low. Far better to get the best shield you can, maybe two, and then try to concentrate on evasion.
-Concentrate on evasion! Replace your starting bridge with a larger bridge and squeeze in two ECM Turrets if you can. Always upgrade your three best pilots in piloting and by the end of the game you'll be sailing along with 100 evasion!
-Your ship is covered with hybrid slots and you don't have much storage space, so you should be trying to upgrade to weapon slots as you travel. Scrap items which will give you metal ruthlessly and upgrade, but watch your fuel as you do this. This will reduce your storage requirements and steadily power up your ship. It is not hard to arrive at the exit in sector 1 with five weapon slots. Grab low-power weapons to load into new weapon slots as you go. By the mid or late game you should be bristling with weapons and able to rapidly punch through enemy ships with a few salvos.
-Replace power generators with better ones as you go to fuel your weapons. Swap them in replacing containers at the start of each battle. This is fiddly, but it will really improve your survivability. Consider swapping in weapons and generators before you do a jump, to be ready for ambush. Again, fiddly, annoying, but useful!
-You want to carry at least 3 point defence cannons and preferably 4+. Ballistic weapons with a high accuracy and boarding parties are a real pain for you all through the game. Shoot them down before they reach you! The smaller profile and concentration of forward hybrid slots actually make point defence more effective on the Tigerfish than on some of the larger ships.
-You start the game with a low crew, and don't have the space for many organics-producing units so supporting a large crew is difficult. So how will you deal with boarders? Buy drones, and try to get 1 or 2 crew with high Fighting and good weapons. Screen your crew with drones and let them shoot from longer range while the AI tries to kill the drone army.
-It can be a gamble, but fighting a lot seems to work well with the Tigerfish. It's your best source of upgrade metal and exotics.

Any other good hints for how to use the Tigerfish? Add them below.
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