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I have the game running on windows 10, all drivers are up to date and my graphic card is a geforce gtx 750 ti. The game running great and in the game settings the shadows are turned on, but all characters have no shadows. This problem have all Sherlock Holmes games.
I´d like to have this solved too.

Other game from frogwares called dracula origins suffered from the same problem and it was worse because it is a third person adventure and the effect was very ugly and low quality due to te lack of shadows on the terrain.

I solved it using a wrapper, I do not remember the name but it was a dll pack, choosing d3d9.dll, wined3d.dll and libwine.dll. It is used to solve prolems in infinity games (baldur gate etc...) If I am not wong.

I tried the dlls in the holmes games, no luck. But its is worth a try in later versions, the wrapper use to be updated.


EDIT the link to the wrapper
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