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Short part:
Does anyone know if and if how I can keep Lily from running back all the time? While I advance and clear the way, she grabs the first opportunity to move back to where she just came from and when I get the "Go!" for her, she's a haystack back and I need to distract the same guards I just had to look away for her before.

TL;DR/mememe part:
She isn't even trying to stay close by - she goes the opposite direction, just for the sake of changing hideout as it seems, while I already am further down the road. Since I've not killed anyone so far (now at chapter 8) I don't think that I scared her somehow.

Last example that really annoyed me was when I was about to open the door for her to go throu, while she was _supposed_ to wait in a bush in front of the door. By the time I was on the other side at the switch Lily ran back and couldn't come because now there were guards between her and the door that just flung open. Meh.

It gets so stupid that I stand on a roof, pointing on the haystack she sits in, hitting the "guide Lily" button over and over again just to make her _stay_ there until the guards stop looking around and return to their former position so the way back is blocked again.

I stood there hitting the key again and again while Lily tried to run back every half second! Completely ignoring the fact being perfectly safe where she was and way further in progress than the hideout she wanted to go to.

Can I pin her somehow? Hold the button or whatever? I'd be fine if I could just tell her not to move until I tell her otherwise again. Maybe if I'm close by? Any idea if it's possible?

Other than that: love the game =)

Seems like Lily is going crazy when there's no clear path between us. So for now I've changed my method of progression to first check out the complete area and open all doors and only after this I try to get Lily through. This way she proceeds pretty much ok, step by step. On occasion she'll still run back for no apparent reason, but it's bearable now.

Anyhow - if someone knows a trick to make Lily wait for a while, let me know. Much appreciated :-)

Played through twice now, got four endings. Can report that Lily got no issues navigating if you _kill_ people. Guess it's just too many guards for her otherwise. So well, I don't need a solution anymore, but if you got one feel free to share in case someone else gets similar issues. TTFN.
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