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Foreword -> This title puzzled me for a few times I've saw it on GoG, especially as NES was always mentioned.... then I had a Deja Vu and remembered my old Amiga Times and the MacVenture Line of Games/Mindscape Adventures...

Topic -> So I bought it during the current sale - 1st shock was that the mentioned NES may hold true and this is a console adaption, I am really used to the Desktop Style of those old titles (Deja Vu/Uninvited/Shadowgate/Deja Vu II) [View/Inventory/Commands/Feedback/etc. all where separated windows you could (re)-arrange/resize(if possible and if I remember it right) to your liking ]...

If I can overcome that Retro-Blockade in my mind, may this new adaption of the game be something I can learn to enjoy (*1), or is it to far away from a classical GUI based Graphic Adventure in the line of the above mentioned titles (Home Computers, not Consoles) and maybe including earlier Activisions Titles such as Borrowed Time, etc. ?

P.S.: I am asking because I've also bought some titles during the current sale that are waiting to be played... But this one was due to old memories (Well, my favorite still is Uninvited (*2), and I am not marking this post as a question, because I want to hear/listen to opinions and not 100% and only truths ;>)

[1] : At least from my brief searches and from the Wikipedia article(s) it may be that the story(line) I remember is changed/altered, and after whining enough about this bloodydamnedbackwardnottobecomparedtooldAmigaAtariSTtimes-Pseudo UI, there may lay a story I could enjoy (again)...

[2]: [url=]Wiki-Article[/url]

-> Ok, somehow, at the moment (?), the forum won't accept links as I am used to.... you get the urls in plain text within the markups - sorry for the inconvenience....
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idk. never had an amiga.

always rocked the nes though & this can be tailored to appear somwehat retro, although whats lacking are the 8 bit fonts.