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I find Co-op is a bit more fun than solo and when I start to have fun, kicking happens all the time.
Ps: Shadow Warrior 2 is the game.
Post edited March 03, 2019 by Nguyen_Khoa_Nam
Not sure why people do it. but i get kicked also at times...
There are several percent of the multi-player people who are jerks enjoying making life miserable for others online, so called cyber bullying. Even if they are only 4% of all, they are plenty enough to make many game communities poisonous. Also, if you are extremely good at some game, some beginners, aka newbies, may think you are cheating even if you are not.

"Nobody's that good. Must be cheating. Let's kick him!"
"He talks like a violetº person. Must be violet. We don't want no violets aroun' here. Kick!"

Oh and built in cheat detectors are not always perfect and you may get kicked due to having some programs running in the background that are then falsely detected as some cheat.

º Picked that as your avatar is violet. Insert any colour, religion, class, sub-culture that is "wrong" in someone's eyes.

One last thing: I recommend not using real names for online accounts. I do not know whether that name is your own or the one of someone you admire/like and WE DO NOT NEED TO KNOW.