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NOTE: This post applies to Shadow Warrior Classic, which was the only Shadow Warrior game at the time this was written.

Have you noticed that the Windows download is 230 MB large while the OS X download is 861 MB large? The reason is that the Mac version contains the game three times, once for the base game and once for each expansion. That's an utter waste of disk space, I don't need the same game three times just to launch a slightly different shortcut. Another problem is that if you want to change controls or any other options you have to change them for each game individually, which is just redundant.

Usually when GoG sells a bundle of games they all get rolled up into one bundle and then you pick which one you want to play. They already did that with the single player EXE, multiplayer EXE and settings EXE, so I have no Idea why they didn't bundle up the expansions as well. Anyway, you can merge it all into one game following these steps. It's not as complicated as it may look, I just wanted to make sure the instructions are as clear as possible.

1) Download Boxer and get it running (Boxer is also what's runnign the Mac ports under the hood)

2) After you've copied the Mac version of Shadow Warrior to your hard drive as usual find Shadow, then right click it -> Show Package Contents -> Contents -> Resources and copy Shadow Warrior.boxer to where you want your DOS games to be.

3) Now right-click on Shadow Warrior.boxer -> Show package Contents -> C swarrior_files.harddisk; this is where we need to insert a few files. Keep this folder open for now, I'll call it folder (i)

4.1) Similar to step 2) find the Shadow Warrior.boxer file of Wanton Destruction and then follow step 3) to get inside it. There are three files, "WT.BAT", "WT_MP.BAT" and "WT_CONF.BAT", copy them into folder (i).

4.2) Repeat the same for Twin Dragons, except this time you need to copy "TD.BAT", "TD_MP.BAT" and "TD_CONF.BAT" over obviously. For Twin Dragons we also need the music CD, so in both folders move one level upwards. In the folder of Twin Dragons you will see a folder named "D GAME.cdmedia", copy it over into the other one

5) You are now good to go, but how do you lanch the games? Double-click Shadow Warrior.boxer (the one we made during step 2) and you will be presented with a DOS prompt and a bunch of executables at the bottom. Just click the one you want to run (or type it into the prompt) and it will launch. For example to play Wanton Destruction you would click WT.BAT, to launch the setup program you would click SETUP.EXE or WT_CONF.BAT (bat files are just shortcuts that can execute several commands at once for you).

There are still a few things we can do to make the experience nicer, but these are all optional

6) In the lower left corner of the windows you can see a magnifying glass, click it to open the inspector panel. Under game you can drag&drop a cover art for the icon and choose/change which command to run by default (or set it to none). Under CPU you should increase the CPU speed to maximum, you can also try the "optimize for newer games" option but I haven't noticed any difference.

7) Install bmouse. Mouse aiming in build engine games is not good at all, so bmouse is a good addition to have. Just extract the ZIP, then drop BMOUSE.EXE into folder (i), run SETUP.EXE -> Controller Setup->Choose Controller Type -> Keyboard and External, then Setup External -> Change External Program Name -> type BMOUSE.EXE
No go back to folder (i) and add "bmouse.exe launch " (with the space, but without quotation marks) to the last line of each BAT file mentioned in the above steps (except the MP and CONF ones). For example SW.BAT should look like this:

@echo off
imgmount d "GAME.DAT" -t iso
@COPY SW.DAT sw.exe
bmouse.exe launch SW.EXE
You can find more information, especially on how to configure it, in the readme of bmouse.

8) If you know about batch scripting you could write a BAT file that has something like this

Choose which game to play:
[1] Shadow Warrior
[2] Wanton Destruction
[3] Twin Dragons
[4] Setup Options
and then the user just has to press a number. I don't know batch scripting, but if someone could write a simple script and share it with the rest of us that would be great


You should now have a complete all-in-one experience for Shadow Warrior. I would appreciate if GoG would update their Mac version not to be a waste of space and redundant configuration settings, but until then this is the next best thing.
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It may be an oversight on GOG's part. If I were you, I'd be contacting GOG support and giving them the full details (or pointing them to your post here) so that they are aware of the issue and can therefore fix it.

But great details for other Mac users who have this and want to save some disc space.
Four years later and this still hasn't been fixed, GOG you need to fire your Mac support department cause whoever packaged this app obviously didn't know what they were doing.
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