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I was trying to get the "drown Noboru" achievement in last mission but I don't get prompt to throw him to water. I tried it from different angles, all possible dropping spots, different zoom, with Yuki and Aiko as well. No luck. Is this a bug? According to guides, I am standing in the right spot.
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I found a solution, although it is a weird one. I found ont that when I stand in the correct position, go to settings and turn on conterxt traversal, I suddenly get the correct prompt to drown Noboru. I experimented a little and it only workd if I turn context traversal from OFF to ON.

Strange bug. Still, I got the badge and can move on. :)
I was stuck there as well, in the end it's a matter of (tedious) pixel hunting until you find the exact spot where you can throw Noburu down, first from the building, then from the rocks.