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For some incomprehensible reason 90% of the time I try to rotate the camera left with Q it doesn't work. The UI icon for rotating will flash showing that it's registering the input but the camera won't rotate. This never happens when I try to rotate right. I even tried remapping it to other buttons and left camera rotate still failed to function. How do I fix this? I can't play this game if it's stuck in zoolander mode.
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Can you rotate camera by holding Alt? I never used Q/E, mouse rotation feels much better.
I came here looking for an answer to this, too. I have this same problem with the latest version, but I didn't have this problem when I completed the game back on v 1.3.4.

I can smooth rotate fine, but I still use like to use Q and E sometimes. Like the OP says, rebinding the key doesn't solve it.
This bug still exists. Q rarely works to rotate the camera, and E only works sometimes.
Yeah, this happens to me too. And not always, sometimes. What's weird is, when it gets into this state, even if I use the "turn left" button in the lower right hand corner of the UI, this issue persist. Usually after rotate to the right once or twice, I can then rotate back, however, in clutch situations this is a big issue.