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Game Version: v18
Computer Type: Desktop, Gigabyte
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750, 2.1GB RAM, no overclock
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) X4 860K Quad Core Processor, 3.7GHz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processors, no overclock
Motherboard: AMD A78 FM2+ socket MATX Motherboard w/Video, Audio, GbLAN & RAID
RAM: 8135MB DDR 3 1600 MHZ Memory, no overclock
PSU: 600 Watt
Operating System & Version: Windows 7 Professional, 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601, 64-bit, clean install
GPU Drivers:
* NVIDIA 3D Vision Controller Driver 369.04 (9/24/16)
* NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver 372.90 (9/24/16)
* NVIDIA GeForce Experience (9/24/16)
* NVIDIA Graphics Driver 372.90 (9/24/16)
* NVIDIA HD Audio Driver (9/24/16)
* NVIDIA PhysX (2/7/17)

First of all, I know that I need to update my GPU drivers. I'm just hesitant. Second, thank you, Whalenought Studios, for making Serpent in the Staglands. I purchased it after seeing it for sale on GOG, reading up on it, and watching your first two interviews with Matt Barton.


It would be convenient if I could view character sheets and trade at the same time. Switching between windows can be bothersome.
So if the item has no stats, it is purely for role-playing purposes and serves no actual benefit in-game? I'm thinking about the Wool jacket and Turqoise Amulate.
I like the fact that Incantations can be used to "generate" currency. :P
So let me get this straight, a higher Attack Speed increases time between attacks, but a higher Cast Speed decreases time until spells are casted? Is this supposed to make sense? Wait, I just noticed the "Mod:" there.
Thank you for allowing the player's items to remain on the ground. I'm using an empty (camping-) shack in Lumen Targ as a stash.
Is there any reason to collect ears? How about camping considering the fact that I have a healer?
I encountered King of the Goblins at lvl2. Yeah, no. The only way out of combat that I've found is to sell a companion. Nope. That necklace looked cool, though.
I was going to complain about how inconvenient it is wait for save files to load while testing out different dialogue choices and what-not, but then I looked into how long they used to take. Well done.
I have not noticed a dialogue use for a Harbringer lvl of 1 yet. Would increasing it aid my encounter with the King of the Goblins?


Jakub of Forten Targ breaks immersion by giving the exact same response regardless of what I ask him. See attached.
The Axe's description claims it to be a "basic light weapon," but the very bottom says "Weapon Type: Heavy." See attached.
While typing this and having SitS minimized, the game music somehow jumped to a 10 even though I still had it at 5 when I checked. Increasing it to 6 corrected the problem. I've never noticed this problem before.
Why is the "Padded Leather Armor: New" more expensive than the Mail version if the only difference is that the Mail has 1 more AC? This seems very backwards.
Sometimes, the first letter in the header for a new journal entry does not go inside the "fancy block" on the left side of the Journal menu. My work around is to re-enter the journal entry's header. Other times, the journal entries (left side) are stacked on top of one another in an odd way. The work around, if I recall correctly, is to exit the Journal menu and re-open it.

Heat Metal
The physical hit chance skill mod roll (in the description) does not alternate between levels. Levels 0-3 all say "-1d(FullInt)", but it seems to actually be "-1d(FullInt+skill level)". This is based on my Heat Metal skill lvl of 2, Intelligence of 13 (2+3=5), and -1d5 hit chance effect when casted on Ichtaca. See attached.

Crippling Ray
It is a direct bane ("cripple your target") to whoever the spell is casted upon, and yet it is based on the caster's Occult stat. Occult's description says it "adds potency to spells that buff, block, and shield party." See attached in next comment. Should this spell not be directly affected by Intelligence, or is the description as deceptive as Heat Metal's?

ThIs spell seems very under-powered. An Occult of 16 and Eclipse lvl of 2 only produced 2 (IIRC) health points for a party of 5 when casted upon a character with 1+2D6+1D1-0+1 Physical Damage and 4.58 Attack Speed who did a solid 8 or so points of damage to a human enemy. Is something wrong here or should I stick with Blood Cocoon?
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Are Dex+Per, Str+Per, Int+Per, and Occ (only) builds do-able in the long run?
I just realized that it's best to invest 2 skill points at a time into certain stats, namely Strength and Intelligence. And my black mage (Vilhelm) is sitting there with an Intelligence lvl of 13. Wonderful.
Will the 2 skill points that I invested in my black mage's Dexterity ever pay off? He throws elixers on occasion.


Tome of Spells:
Physical Shield (lvl 0) takes perhaps 0.1 second to cast, but Shimmering Scales (lvl 0) takes what seems like the full 5-second cast speed that both spells' descriptions claim them to have. Both spells were casted by the same character. Any explanation? See attached (x2).

Spell names/headers tend to cover their descriptions even when scrolled as far up as possible. See attached. I don't recall this happening when I first started playing.

Tome of Aptitudes:
Woodwise's description should read "You will also be able to [be] a boon to your companions." See attached.

Tome of War:
Is Critical Slash supposed to change its stat bonus(es) with each lvl-up? It goes from +1d1 to Physical Hit Chance Skill Mod Roll and +0.08 seconds to Attack Speed for lvl 1 to +1d2 to Physical Damage Skill Mod Roll and +0.16 seconds to Attack Speed for lvl 2 and then +1d3 to Physical Hit Chance Skill Mod Roll and +0.24 seconds to Attack Speed for lvl 3. See attached. Is the description failing me again or are the stat bonuses not stacking (yet)?

The music volume resets to 5 everytime I reload a save file. Is this supposed to happen? I've been listening to podcasts and ruminations in the background while playing the game.
yuulin.png (495 Kb)
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