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I really want to like this game, and I keep going back to try and finish it. I'm not sure why I want to like it, the characters are more than a little cliché, as is the dialogue... but I like the idea of it, I like the concepts behind the world they've made, and I'd still really like to see how the story plays out.
The control system is (and was even originally) somewhat clunky, and it'd be nice to be able to pan the screen around without moving, but by far the biggest drawback for me is the unintuitive way the objectives are worked out. The clues as to what you should be doing, or how you should be doing it, are sparse to say the least. I spend a lot of time running back and forth having people give me the same 'I don't know's until I stumble on the one right thing to click.
If that one element of the game was a little more forgiving and/or helpful, I'd have been loving it, but if you ever played Day of The Tentacle and thought it was a breeze, you might have better luck.
I will finish it, though!!