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Question: Im confused, the patch failed to transocde the videos and videos dont play ingame. What should i do? Im already running in XP compatability mode with quicktime 4 installed...
I think it would be helpful to install a codec pack like ffdshow (
Beside, the timelsip solution was the only one for me working (e.g. QT4 or removing the quciktime codec from the folder).
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timeslip: GoG haven't done an awful lot to this game; it runs well, but you can't use windowed mode without changing your desktop colour depth, and on win 7 movies don't work without setting some compatibility options. Combined with some other little UI things that annoyed me, I've tried to make a little patch for myself. It seems to have worked so far, so I guess I might as well share.

It fixes windowed mode for non-16 bit desktops, allows movies to run without needing to use the compatibility settings, gets rid of resolution switching in fullscreen, and (optionally) stops it hogging so much cpu time. There's also a couple of UI tweaks: you can middle click to run and follow the cursor, and click again to stop, (slightly easier on my fingers than double-click-and-hold) and you can right click on the portraits in combat to queue up a next move. (i.e. the character will automatically be selected when the next section of their endurance bar fills up.)

Movies need converting from quicktime format into something directshow can understand. The patch installer will do it automatically if you have quicktime or quicktime alternative installed. If not, you can use something like rad game tools to transcode them manually. Converting the movies to a different format would have made more sense for GoG to do themselves rather than me, (and would have cut 70mb from the download size,) but it's a bit late for that now, and I couldn't get the quicktime movies to play nicely with non-admin mode, so I didn't have any other choice. :(

Tested only on the GoG version of septerra core, and only on windows 7. Windows xp (sp2+ only) and vista probably work, but anything earlier wont. Likewise, disc versions of septerra core updated to 1.04 will probably work, but 1.02 or earlier wont. I'm not particularly far into the game yet, so I may have missed stuff. I'll probably make updates as I go along and bump into more things that annoy me. Finally, since this has so far been tested on exactly one computer, by one person, with one hardware/software configuration, and only for a few days, YMMV.

Grab from near the bottom of the left hand panel here.
Hey I'm working on a mod myself for speedrunning this game and making it more accessible but my mod and yours don't work together. Also, there seems to be some kind of interference with anyone who has installed your version first.

Is there some kind of registry key that is implemented upon first launch of GOG Septerra Core after install that gives the .exe path a different route? Because even if I try a different mechanism in Steam it still defaults to whatever your version was based on some kind of launcher route GOG forces somewhere. Idk if it's GPU based or registry key or what but two PCs with identical files react differently based on whether or not GOG Septerra Core or Steam Septerra Core were installed first and I've traced it back to the "Unofficial Patch" as the source.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Currently my windowed version instantly crashes and tries to play the movie despite having the -M protocol in my .bat to not have the movies play.