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Its like yesterday i installed Septera Core demo on my old computer..i was younger..also it was in time of Duke Nukem 3D and Diablo 1+2.For the first sight whence the menu poped up i fell in love with the game.I made it till end of the demo:,,Demo contained introdution to the game..few story steps and it ended so fast that i wanted to get original copy into my young hands! =)".So i started to search everywhere i could but there was one small in Czech Republic are games of that type from Japan and another countries similar to this one so rare that it was immposible..when the time come i finally bought it via guys from GOG! we can play this game!
So the game got nice graphics..story is awesome and did i forgot to tell u about the good old JRPG fight mode? for me 5/5 stars.If you ever played any of those good JRPG's you should give a try to this one.