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Around 2000, I received a CD-ROM version of Septerra Core as a present. It was version 1.01 I believe, and never updated to any recent version.
Anyway, the main thing is, I've been playing the GOG version for about 5 hours now, and I can't help but shake the feeling that my old CD-ROM version had much more hidden items scattered about! I'm sure there were supposed to be at least one or two in the graveyard on shell 3 for example, but there aren't any examinable graves at all (except for the big one at the beginning of the graveyard, but that one doesn't give me any goodies).
I've had this feeling several times. That there are supposed to be hidden goodies I used to pick up that aren't in this version. Is it my imagination? Or is there really a difference between GOG's version, or between 1.01 and 1.04? Or are the hidden goodies only in later dungeons?
Post edited March 18, 2010 by DaVince
Alright, so I just entered an area where there were various secrets to be found (the spot where you have to save Corgan from the soldiers)... I'm starting to guess this IS just a case of having remembered things wrong, especially since there's so many similar areas throughout the game.