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The gamecard for Septerra's Core doesn't display the reviews at the bottom at all, plus the "add to wishlist", "gift it" and "share" buttons do not work at all.
Can someone fix this? :P
They are showing for me. Well, except wish-list is greyed because I have it already.
Unless it's been fixed, first step is usually: Try clearing your cache.
The thing is, I didn't have a cache of the gamecard until I heard about the personal wishlist, and no, clearing it anyway doesn't help.
All the gamecards work for other games but I can't somewhy see the reviews and recommendations of Septerra's Core.
Everything works here as well (IE8 on XP). I can see the reviews and all the buttoms work except wishlist as I own it already.
Seems like the issue only appears in Opera (9.63), it's quite weird since it's the only gamecard that doesn't work properly for me.
I'm seeing all the details now, but it's still all garbled. This only happens on Opera 9.63 AND only on the Septerra Core gamecard, all other pages on the site show up fine.
I attached a picture of what I'm seeing.