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I have a 3 month old Toshiba running on Vista, and I downloaded and installed the game just fine, but when I went to launch the game I got this error message that fully read:
"Unable to execute file. C:Program Files (x86)\septerracore\septerra.exe CreateProcess failed code 740 The requested operation requires elevation.
Now please first, my comp all ready has me as the administrator. But I did do google searching and it said to right click on the install then click on run as administrator and install it that way. I did just that. The error message came again. So I uninstalled the
game and made sure everything was a fresh start. I turned off my UAC and rebooted my comp and downloaded and installed my game again and the error message again was there. Any help on this situation and what I could do? It would totally be appreciated
because I would love to play the game, it sounds awesome. I love these kinds of RPG's. Thank you.
Right click on the game executable (septerra.exe) and choose "run as administrator". With Vista, even if your account is an administrator account, you do not run applications with administrator privileges by default, so you have to tell it to use those privileges and just installing as an administrator won't do that.
Thank you so much Cog I will give that a shot and hopefully I can play this game. Have a good one God bless