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Are you feeling listless and tired of your dreary existence on whatever world shell you live on? Do you long for some new and exotic flavors, varied scenery, and fresh faces? Maybe you need a vacation! Septerra is full of wonderful sights to see, just as long as you can get off the worthless rock you live on!
Septerra Getaways Inc. can make it happen! Sign up today for a tour to any of our wonderous locales!
World Shell 1: See the beauteous land of the Chosen, where every last plant and animal is genetically engineered for your comfort! Be awed by the great chitinous spires of the Chosen cities! Thrill at the sight of the giant insectoid Chosen airships! Get rich quick by picking up Chosen trash! Yes, folks, Shell 1 has it all!*
World Shell 2: Looking for a dryer climate? Look no further than Shell 2! Vast, vast planes of sand, punctuated by magestic mountains and massive piles of metallic junk! Wonder at the sight of great machines built long ago by unknown people and still enigmatic to this day! **
World Shell 3: If your preference is pastoral beauty, you can't do better than Shell 3! Take a hellgak ride over the endless green fields, or take a long walk in the forest before relaxing among the quaint and dignified buildings of Wind City! Or, if you're looking for a thrill, take one of our tours in the Haunted Cemetary! OoooOOoo! ***
World Shell 4: Want a place with a little nightlife? There's no better shell for clubbing than Shell 4! Play with the ladies in the Ill Repute! Eat, drink and be merry at one of the many restaurants! Or explore the sewers alongside a team of hardened bounty hunters! Excitement and action abound on Shell 4! ****
World Shell 5: If you like electronic toys, then you'll love Shell 5! Take a ride in one of the great steel Ankaran battle cruisers! Be amazed by the great cybernetic cities of Jinam! Go rocket-racing through Ankara's great canyons! Consider buying a cyborg to take home to the kids! *****
World Shell 6: Maybe your preference is for a shell with its wilderness intact. If so, you'll definitely want to try Shell 6! From the murky swamps to the misty mountains to the great lakes and deep forests, Shell 6 has all the unspoiled beauty of an uncolonized shell! ******
World Shell 7: Want to experience something REALLY different? There's no shell like shell 4! Explore its dark caverns, wonder through its fungal forests, and meet its mysterious alien Underlost people! For a world shell that it completely without compare, you've gotta have Shell 7! *******
Call 1-888-GET-AWAY for one of our specialized Shell tours today, and experience the thrill of your life!
* Trips to Shell 1 have been canceled on account of civil war, and because even before the civil war broke out te Chosen would usually shoot down tourist ships as "pagan inferiors."
** Trips to Shell 2 have been canceled on account of persistant Junk-bandit attacks and the rising incidences of monster-related accidents to tour groups.
*** Trips to Shell 3 have been canceled, pending the conclusion of a persistent problem with the dead rising from the grave and trying to devour the living.
**** Trips to Shell 4 have been canceled since half the people who leave the tour cruisers go off with strange women or men and never come back.
***** Trips to Shell 5 have been canceled as Jinam and Ankara have declared war on eachother and shoot down any aircraft within missile range.
****** Trips to Shell 6 have been canceled as the place is a pirate-infested nightmare in which most tour groups get captured for slave labor or get devoured by giant swamp-leeches.
******* Trips to Shell 7 have been canceled as it turns out that the Mushroom Forest releases spores poisonous to humans, the Underlost attack humans on sight, the caverns are full of giant man-eating insects, and giant fire-breathing Hellbeasts roam the land.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
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